WealthBuilt Realty has worked with tens of thousands of Australians over the last 30 years working with in Finance, Real Estate, Property Investment, Property Management, Savings and Planning Analysis.

This experience and expertise has been combined to form the WealthBuilt Realty system.



When selling your most prized possession, you need to know experienced agents are looking out for your best interest.  The WealthBuilt Realty System works for you to achieve the highest price and fastest result possible...




When buying you need all the information you can get. This has to be done before you look at the house or regrets can happen. The WealthBuilt Realty System will look at Finance Payments, Location, Best Purchase Price, Planning, and Timing. Sit down with us to chat.




As an Owner or a Tenant, you need all the relevant information before you move forward. We pride ourselves on the process we use and the results we get. 


Many people should invest in their future but have always thought for many reasons they can not start the investment process. However, most people are wrong and they need start the planning stage to invest before it is too late. For a face to face with the principal of WealthBuilt Realty just contact us to book a time and we will come to you.

First Time Investors.Get a FREE Planning Session worth $499!

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