About Us


WealthBuilt Realty has worked with tens of thousands of Australians over the last 30 years in areas of Finance, Real Estate, Property Investment, Property Management,  plus savings and planning analysis.

This experience and expertise has been combined into the WealthBuilt Realty system



Amanda Todd, CFO WealthBuilt Finance Pty Ltd

                         Property Manager, WealthBuilt Realty Pty Ltd


Amanda has been Mr Neil Hart's Senior Executive Administration Assistant for 14 years previously. Amanda has been an owner-operator of a bookkeeping business and held head office management positions in a National Australian tax agency franchise company.

Amanda has completed a Certificate 4 in Finance and has completed numerous diplomas and certificates in Accounting, Human Resources and IT. Amanda is the Secretary of the resides on the Gold Coast.

Amanda also is a property manager and has been doing this along Mr Hart's side all this time. Amanda has completed the real estate licence courses and required certificate. 



Zhaolan(Anna) Hart, Office Manager, WealthBuilt Realty Group


Anna has graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor's degree in e-commerce and has served as a consultant for 4 years in a Postgraduate Training Course for an education consultant company, coordinating and arranging the courses for the client future study and helping them to prepare for their exams to get their Certificate of Completion and the Master's degree.

Anna has worked for the WealthBuilt Realty group for 6 years. Anna has headed up and worked with the WealthBuilt Office in China as a manager for 2 years. As well as this, Anna has experience in Property Management for the last 2 years and to do this she has completed the real estate license courses and the required certificates.