WealthBuilt Realty offers Australians the only fully integrated Client Investment Program for the residential property market.

This allows our valued clients to build a passive property portfolio using a quality home, with secured rent, dedicated management, and ongoing loan advice.

Ultimately we aim to work with our clients to help them reduce their tax and take home more pay; reduce your mortgage quicker and/or pay off your own home faster; and let us not forget to build more net wealth for a supplementary protected future.

What we can offer you when you are ready for preparing your future through investing in property.

We can offer you,

  • quality house and land packages in emerging suburbs close to child care, schools, universities, employment, shopping, entertainment and major transport infrastructure (road, rail and air)
  • secured rent for the maximum in that suburb with annual assessments
  • dedicated property management including routine inspections with photographs and routine repairs and maintenance
  • the opportunity to receive considerable tax benefits through investing in residential properties
  • specialised finance and strategic loan advice to consolidate and reduce debts while building net investment wealth, and
  • dedicated client management to build relationships and help achieve client goals through successful property investment.

WealthBuilt Realty picks and chooses the residential communities in the emerging dynamic areas for you. This is surrounded by parklands, walking distances to child care, schools and shops and all within a few minutes’ drive from major shopping, employment, entertainment and transport infrastructure hubs. All this for your prospective perfect tenant for your long-term investment.


House design Plans



"This is our third investments Property and it is just another link in the chain of our plan for financial freedom."

- Pillip

"WealthBuilt Realty has made the process easy to start investing."

— Sheree

"I am learning that having budgets and goals with a plan is not a drudgery but tools that will bring about success quicker. Having had property investments in the past, but purchased and managed incorrectly, I know now with my first WealthBuilt Realty property just completed, their system works. I am looking forward to my children learning and doing the same for their financial future. Thank you WealthBuilt Realty." 

— Leonie

"We are delighted that WealthBuilt has guided us through the process of obtaining our first Investment Property. At work, I am responsible for thousands of dollars of accounts, yet I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Wealthbuilt Realty great educational support and guidance."

Laurel & Kevin, Mt Gravatt East

"With the help of Wealthbuilt Realty, I now have secured my future. With their guidance, I know I will have the freedom to live the life I want. Thank you Wealthbuilt Realty for finding me and helping me to get on track financially!! I now know what I have to do in order to live the kind of life I deserve when I retire without having to worry about how far I can stretch a pension. With your help I know I will be on the right path."

Chantelle, Ipswich