WealthBuilt Realty Tips

For preparing your Property for a Routine Inspection

As a professional business we often perform inspections at properties for sale or for rent. This booklet includes tips and handy hints that may be useful when preparing your property for an inspection.

The cleaning techniques have been designed for completing a bond clean and have been explained as simple as possible. We found a lot of cleaning similarities to justify producing this booklet to help tenants readying themselves for a routine inspection or getting ready to move out in order to present their property in the best condition possible.

To keep it simple we have written this booklet assuming the property is empty, if this is not the case you will need to adjust your methods to suit your particular circumstances.

Preparing your Property For EXIT of PROPERTY

Preparing your Property For An INSPECTION

  • How you entered the property in the beginning is how it must be returned after the tenancy. Your agent has a legal obligation to return the property after a lease in the same condition as the beginning of the tenancy.
  • With that in mind it’s best to clean it right during your tenancy and at the end of the tenancy to ensure your bond is returned and you have a good rental record.
  • The front of the house is the first impression. Having the lawns and gardens well maintained will certainly impact on the inspector.
  • A clean, well organized property gives a good impression and a feeling of low maintenance.

In either case, the cleaning required is generally the same.


Equipment: Dust pan & broom, cloth wipes, narrow vacuum nozzle (to fit window tracks), scouring sponges, paper towel, clean towels, medium size window squeegee, screwdriver (to fit into window tracks), disposable gloves and a toothbrush.

Mob & mop bucket, step ladder (or ladder), vacuum cleaner, general bucket, broom and a cob web remover (if required)

Chemicals: Detergent or sugar soap, all purpose spray & wipe, crème cleanser, spray disinfectant, toilet bowl cleaner, glass, oven & floor cleaner.

Optional—Mineral turpentine, methylated spirits & insect spray.

Outside    (Depending on your circumstances)

Equipment: Secateurs/Pruning scissors, tree saw, outdoor broom, cobweb remover, firm hand scrubbing brush, lawn mower and edge trimmer.

Chemicals: Weed killer, drive way degreaser and outdoor insect spray.

Please Note: The equipment and chemicals are shown as a guide only. Your current products may be sufficient for all cleaning tasks.

preparing around the house

  • Brush down all cobwebs around the house, spray with insecticide to prevent spiders returning.
  • Remove grease and tyre marks from driveway, a high pressure cleaner may be needed for stubborn stains.
  • Keep lawns regularly mowed, trees and bushes trimmed and weeds removed. Spray the weed killer when required. A gardener is generally well worth the money spent.
  • Remove all rubbish from the property, pay special attention to cigarette butts, bottle tops etc, they are often found in gardens around veranda’s
  • Take out any dead or dying plants, replace with plants suited to your region.
  • Top up garden beds with fresh mulch.
  • Sweep patio’s and veranda’s to keep them neat and tidy.
  • Keep garages, sheds or carports empty, swept out and free of cobwebs. It can be a good idea to leave the house paints for future use.

window cleaning

  • Ensure cobwebs are removed around the house before you start washing the windows. This can be one with a cob web remover or a broom.
  • Clean window tracks of dirt and build up by carefully running a screwdriver along the track to loosen the dirt. Vacuum with a narrow nozzle, then wipe clean with a wet cloth on the screwdriver blade.
  • Remove flyscreens around the house by gently placing a screwdriver under the screen, lifting up and sliding to the left or right and pulling out. Do not force the screens as they can bend easily. Hose flyscreens if necessary.

handy hint

If fly screens are too tight, you have security screens or 2nd story windows, the sliding window generally comes out from the inside. You may need to loosen screws at the top of the window (remember to re-tighten screws to original position).

simple method to squeegee a window

  • Soap up window with a scourer sponge to remove all the dirt and build up.
  • While the window is soapy & wet all over, wipe the top edge with a dry towel, this will reduce streaking.
  • Slide the squeegee down the window with a firm steady pressure starting from either side.
  • Dry squeegee blade after each stroke, continue until finished. Make sure each stroke slightly overlaps the last one to avoid lines.
  • Dry edges and remove any remaining marks with a clean towel.
  • Wipe Frame and window ledge.

Handy Hints

  • Internal windows can be cleaned the same way, just use less water on the sponge and place a towel under the window to prevent water damage.
  • Mineral turpentine wiped onto window frames gives them a nice shine.
  • This window cleaning technique can also be used on large mirrors and shower screens.

bedrooms, living areas & hallways

  • Remove all cobwebs and marks on walls and ceilings, these may need to be washed with sugar soap or a mild detergent in a bucket of water and a sponge. Check for insect marks. Pay special attention to switches and door handles.
  • Wipe all skirting boards, doors & frames with a damp cloth.
  • Vacuum all wardrobes and cupboards, wash with soapy water and dry. 
  • Laundry sink often has a build up of rust, calcium and soap scum, this can be removed with a crème cleanser and a scourer sponge. Make sure drain is free of waste. Laundry cupboards often require the same process.

laundry as above, pay special attention to

  • Wipe all tap fittings and wall tiles (including the top of tiles, as they can be dusty). Scrub marks off floor with a crème cleanser especially where appliances have been.


  • Clean and disinfect all parts of the toilet, including fittings and cistern. Don’t forget behind the toilet and pipes. Using a spray disinfectant, paper towel and disposable gloves is a safe and hygienic way to clean a toilet.
  • Scrub inside of the bowl with toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush.
  • Clean all wall tiles with spray disinfectant and a cloth. Wash any dirty walls.

kitchen cleaning

  • Remove all components of oven, range hood & stove, including the knobs if they come off. Soak in hot soapy water for as long as necessary (overnight if possible). Scrub with a firm scourer until clean.
  • Clean oven as per oven cleaner directions, pay special attention to the glass. Replace oven components.
  • Wash stove with soapy water, gently scourer if necessary to remove all marks and food build up. Polish dry with paper towel. Replace knobs and burners.
  • Wipe and polish range hood including the underneath section, replace filters.
  • Dishwasher including filters and racks must be free of all food scraps. 

handy hints

  • Using eucalyptus oil on a wash cycle will help eliminate odours.
  • Vacuum out all cupboards, then wash with soapy water inside and out, especially around door handles, dry with a clean towel.
  • Scrub out sink, drain must be free of waste, polish clean with paper towel.
  • Spray and wipe all bench tops and wall tiles, polish to a nice shine.
  • Scrub any food marks off flooring, ready for a final mop.


  • Vacuum entire bathroom to remove any hair and foreign objects before you start cleaning.
  • Wet & scrub entire shower with a crème cleanser and a scourer sponge especially in the corners, door frame and top of shower until no soap scum, mould or rust stains are visible. Rinse with water. Squeegee shower glass, then dry and polish with paper towel. Make sure drain is hair free. 

Handy Hint

  • If mould is present you may need a mould remover, a toothbrush is useful to get into the grout and tight areas.
  • Scrub bath tub with a scourer sponge and crème cleanser and rinse thoroughly.
  • Wipe out vanity and sink, scrub with a scourer if necessary to remove build up and any rust marks, ensure drain is hair free.
  • Polish mirror and wall tiles with a glass cleaner and paper towel until streak free.

Handy Hint

  • Polishing bathroom, kitchen and laundry tiles with methylated spirits will give them a streak free shine.

Other cleaning tasks

  • Remove and wash all light fittings, dry and replace. Check all light globes at the same time and change any blown globes.
  • Wipe clean all ceiling fans, air conditioners (including internal filters), light switches and smoke alarms. Remove exhaust fans in kitchen, toilet and bathroom, wash & replace.
  • Check and clean all curtains and blinds of dust. Curtains can often be washed on a gentle cycle. If not, vacuuming will help remove dust. Venetian blinds get very dusty and generally need to be wiped clean slat by slat. 

Handy Hints

  • To save time, 2 people can remove Venetian blinds, take outside and hose clean with soapy water and sponge. Care must be taken if using this technique as not to kink the slats. Reattach and allow to dry back on the window (do this before you clean the windows).
  • Do a final vacuum and mop, ensure no particles are left on the floor.

Handy Hints

  • A professional carpet clean will give your tired carpets a fresh feel.
  • If any vermin are present, you should get your property sprayed by a professional pest control operator.

o Yard Free of all rubbish and personal items.
o Driveway free of leaves, dirt, tyre marks and oil stains
o Lawns mowed, trees / shrubs pruned, weeds removed
o House and garage free of cobwebs inside and out
o Garage empty and swept clean
o Window tracks, frames and glass clean (inside & out)
o Blinds, verticals and curtains clean, free of dust
o Fans, light fittings, A/C’s and smoke alarms clean
o All lights working throughout the property
o All walls, ceilings, switches and cupboards clean
o Kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas clean
o Laundry clean, sink free of rust and foreign material
o Carpets vacuumed and free of stains, hard floors mopped
o Patio’s and veranda’s swept and tidy



  • Require vacuuming & a professional clean on a regular basis.

Ceiling Fans

  • Free from any dust and marks.

Stickers/Wall pictures

  • Stickers and wall pictures are NOT to be stuck on, glued, blue tacked or nailed on any of the property’s walls. Pins or pin-hanging hooks may be used instead.


  • Oven glass, trays, racks, door & walls require frequent cleaning and should be free from any baked-on food residue.


  • Need regular maintaining of mowing, weeding and rubbish removal.

Driveway/Garage floors

  • Require regular attention in relation to grease & oil stains.

o Yard Free of all rubbish and personal items.
o Driveway free of leaves, dirt, tyre marks and oil stains
o Lawns mowed, trees / shrubs pruned, weeds removed
o House and garage free of cobwebs inside and out
o Window tracks, frames and glass clean
o Blinds, verticals and curtains clean, free of dust
o Ceiling fans and light fittings clean and free of dust
o A/C’s and smoke alarms clean
o All walls, ceilings, switches and cupboards clean
o Kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas clean
o Laundry clean
o Carpets vacuumed and free of stains, hard floors mopped
o Patio’s and veranda’s swept and tidy