A whole list of reasons for you to choose us

A whole list of reasons for you to choose us
  • You can contact us 24/7 up to 5 phone numbers including a 1300 number.
  • A property report every 3 months is sent to the Owner & Tenant which includes photos & description.
  • Our fee structure guaranteed less than any other agent.
  • Local
  • Rent arrears are checked & dealt with daily
  • Open Houses – Including Weekends
  • Client Contact Constantly
  • No Key Release
  • We offer additional services: Financial Reviews, Bookkeeping, Insurance
  • Owner visitation inspection once per year if you would like to.
  • Maintenance approved by Owner prior to any job - except emergency
  • We discuss tenant selection with Owners prior to final approval of Tenant
  • Holding account – Rates, Insurance and Pest Inspections etc.
  • Property Managers look after max of 100 properties to allow time for full service.
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